MarkMyTest – Multiple choice grading software

MarkMyTest ™ makes the task of grading multiple choice tests fast and easy.

Instead of lining up to use the optical mark reader (OMR) at your facility, just use the multi-function printer in your office to scan your student’s responses.

MarkMyTest ™ quickly uses digital image analysis to pull key information from the tests. From scan to final grades uploaded to your Learning Management System (LMS) can be done in 5 minutes.

MarkMyTest ™ offers a large number of features which may be of benefit to you and your students.

  • Single click correction of missing or multiple answers. You are in control of the process at all times
  • Name verification and matching against a student roster file
  • Ability to include survey questions (excluded from grading)
  • Question weighting
  • Single-select questions and multi-select questions supported
  • Several scoring methods available for multi-select questions
  • Answers can be provided in a portable answer file (CSV) or with a sample correct answer response page
  • Support for multiple versions of tests (no practical limit on number)
  • Produces extensive question item analysis for improvement of the test battery
  • Multiple randomized versions can be mapped back to a master question bank for analysis
  • Checks for duplicate (possibly copied) answers within a class
  • Uses MarkMyTest ™ forms or your old OMR forms (most require us to set up a processing template free of charge)
  • Questions can be tagged to customize item analysis and to provide specific feedback to students (ie. score on Chapter 4 questions versus Chapter 5 questions in the test, including class averages)

MarkMyTest ™ has been used for about 6 years now and has been used by hundreds of faculty to process thousands of tests.