PrintMyTest – Manage large print jobs of randomized tests

PrintMyTest ™ was created to deal with the problem of printing large numbers of randomized, and therefore different, tests. Most educational institutions have a centralized print department to streamline print activities. This program is for them!

PrintMyTest accomplishes the following things:

  • Tests are printed in version order. For example, version 200 will be followed by 201, then 202, etc. so that the tests are in hand-out order in the testing room
  • Once the end of the list is encountered, PrintMyTest starts at the beginning again. For example, you can print 900 copies of tests with 100 versions. They will be printed in the order 1, 2, 3, .. 99, 100, 1, 2, 3, .. etc.
  • Tests are sent to the centralized printing facility in a zip file containing a directory of documents
  • PrintMyTest opens Word to allow the print specialist to select the correct printer, print options, etc. prior to releasing the stream of documents to the printer
  • PrintMyTest can also be used to print multiple copies of documents for meetings, when each attendee is to receive a number of different Word documents

PrintMyTest helps make the randomization process seamless for end users and easy to use for the print department.