RandomizeMyTest – Create massively randomized tests

RandomizeMyTest ™ is used to create random versions of your multiple choice and short answer tests. You can create the traditional A/B versions, A/B/C/D, or you can create hundreds or thousands of different versions so that every student in your class is writing a different test.

RandomizeMyTest creates a custom answer file which is used by MarkMyTest to grade the multiple choice portion of the test. MarkMyTest remaps all of the versions back to the original master test, so that a rigorous item analysis can be done based on the original question order and alternatives.

RandomizeMyTest includes many features:

  • Creation of a verified Master Version for use with item analysis
  • Creation of an extensive answer file with relevant mapping detail
  • Support for single select answers, or multi-select answers, including several different methods for scoring multi-select answers
  • Randomized question order
  • Randomized alternative order
  • Safeguards to prevent alternative randomization for answers such as “all of the above”, (a) or (c), “none of the above”, etc.
  • Tests can be organized with a multiple choice section and a short answer section
  • Questions can be randomly selected from a library included in the test document or externally to the test document
  • Question libraries can be uploaded and downloaded from your Learning Management System (LMS) for synchronizing face to face and online testing
  • Printing tests for large classes can be managed by the faculty or at a centralized print facility using the program PrintMyTest ™ so that tests can be printed double sided and stapled (for example)
  • RandomizeMyTest will work with most standard MS Word documents with little or no alteration
  • Questions can be tagged to indicate their source, their content area (eg. “Chapter 6” or “Ethics”). MarkMyTest uses this information to provide custom feedback to students, as well as analytical information to the faculty member about the efficacy of the questions.

RandomizeMyTest changes the way that tests are administered and run. Normally, once a test is underway, invigilators must watch very carefully to ensure that students are not copying answers from each other. This leads to elaborate seating arrangements, multiple invigilators and additional tension in the testing room.

With RandomizeMyTest, even those who might be tempted to cheat will take one look at their neighbour’s test and discover that they are on their own! Suddenly, the tension in the room drops, as students focus on doing their personal best effort. Invigilation is still required, of course, but only for student accessing prohibited materials such as cheat notes and online devices.

There is no reliable communication method that can communicate answers from one student to another, short of that student reading the full text of the question and the correct answer out loud.

RandomizeMyTest makes a substantial contribution to academic integrity without resorting to more expensive online testing options such as labs  and lock down testing programs.

RandomizeMyTest is a cost-effective method to reduce cheating while dramatically improving the efficiency of grading.